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Light a Life donation program Public Service Company

The Light a Life donation program is offered for customers from Public Service Company of Oklahoma. Funds are issued to low income and struggling families to help them pay their utility and energy bills. The money you contribute will help people heat and cool their homes.

Public Service Company customers and businesses can easily contribute to the Light A Life Fund. Donations are accepted online or by mail. It is a year-round program that is administered by the Salvation Army and operates across Oklahoma. Any type of financial help offered is a one time event. This is not a long term government or charity resource.

The Light a Life program can be contributed to by anyone in Tulsa or across Oklahoma. People can donate one time or year round, as little or as much as they link. Your donations will be tax deductible as well. It is very effective as well. The program has been running since the 1980s and has helped thousands of Oklahoma residents over the years.

If you add a few dollars to your monthly electric bill as a donation, all funds will be earmarked for people facing an emergency from the community and who are facing a power shut-off.

To apply, note that is short term assistance. Light a Life was created from a partnership between the Salvation Army and Public Service Company. To apply, call either of these agencies to learn more. Then, after you recover from your own financial situation or crisis, you can always pay it forward to others as well. You can do this by adding a couple of dollars to your power bill or attending Tulsa Light A Life fundraisers. You donation will go to those still struggling with paying their utility bills.






To donate, if you pay your bill by mail, you can give a few dollars to Light A Life by using the check-off box on your monthly bill. You can decide to pay just a little more than their billing amount and the extra dollars will go directly to funding Light A Life and to the people in Oklahoma who need help. You can also contact the Salvation Army or PSC to contribute.

Anything you donate will go to an approved household that is facing a crisis. Your contributions will not pay for overhead or administrative costs. What will happen is that Public Service Company pays all administrative costs for the program. This will allow all the proceeds to go to help those who need it most. Just remember that every penny you give helps Oklahomans facing financial emergencies pay for the home energy we all rely on.

Many counties and people may also refer to the resource as Warm Hearts. Some of the recipients of the funds may be someone with an unexpected medical condition, a family with a sick child, or some other type of crisis situation. The money is issued as a one time grant and you will not be donating to a long term charity program for those who are struggling.


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