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Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative ENUF donation program.

One of the ways for households that get their energy from West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative to get help is from the Emergency Need Utility Fund, or ENUF.  This resource collects donations from the community and may be able to offer funds to the less fortunate for paying their utility bills. It can help with the seeming less ever increasing costs of electric expenses.

Unfortunately many citizens from Western Kentucky sometimes sacrifice cooling or heating needs in order to manage personal and family funds. All too many face a disconnection of their power. This is even more true during the winter and summer months when the energy usage is even higher.

Anyone from the region can make a donation to ENUF. It can be a one time contribution or customers can sign up to have a small donation, as low as $1, added to their utility bills each month. Individual customers, businesses or really anyone can contribute. All the money raised will go to helping the needy pay their utility bills.

Everything collected goes to help low income families pay their bills. Not only that, but all donations are tax-deductible. In addition, statements are provided at the end of the year from West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative and they can be used for tax-filing purposes.

Need Line is a key partner of this program. It is also involved in countering high utility costs and assistance may be offered from them as part of the Emergency Need Utility Fund (ENUF). It is strictly a local initiative that is encouraging electricity customers through West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation (WKRECC) to attach donations to their monthly bills. All of the money, 100%, goes to helping the less fortunate and not to administrative expenses. The organization and the ENUF program does not receive any state of Kentucky or federal money for operation.




The ENUF Program was created in an effort to provide a quick and simple way for WKRECC members to donate a defined amount of money each month to their local Needline. The money stays local as well. Each and every dollar contributed from people goes to the county where the member resides. So this means that you could in fact really be helping someone in your immediate town or on your street pay their bills, if they meet qualifications of course.

The ENUF program is one of the key ways that the local cooperative seeks to strengthen the communities. It provides a way to help others in need with their utility and electric bills. In addition, the program allows members and customers to truly demonstrate the cooperative and giving spirit.

Call West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative (WKRECC) at (270) 753-2573 to learn about applying or donating funds.


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