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Get help in Kentucky with electric, heating and also utility bills.

There are ways to get help with utilities in all areas on Kentucky, including Lexington and Louisville.

The Kentucky Department of Social Services Preventive Assistance Program has an initiative that will assist families with paying an energy or utility bill payment of up to $300 per family if that payment would prevent removal of a child from the family or assist the situation by reuniting the child with the family.

Project WARM
Project WARM provides free energy conservation services and weatherization to residents of Louisville and Jefferson County, Kentucky. Weatherization measures provided include adding attic insulation, sealing air leaks, and offering energy education. Also, free self-help classes on window cover installation and other energy conservation measures are available during the winter. Read more on weatherization programs.

Federal government weatherization
In addition to Project WARM, a more traditional weatherization program is offered. This one is paid for with federal government funds, and can help people save money on their monthly utility bills. More Kentucky weatherization.

Summer Cooling

  • Each summer in Kentucky, air conditioners are loaned to people whose health is threatened by the high humidity and heat as confirmed and verified by their doctors. The program operates through local organizations and donations. It is available in Bourbon, Fayette, Harrison, and Nicholas Counties.
  • Fans and Air conditioners are available in Louisville to lower income households. Households that have a member with a a serious, life-threatening medical condition are given an air conditioner unit and a volunteer technician to install it. Those who meet the low income poverty guidelines, but not the medical guidelines or criteria, are given a fan.






Atmos Energy
Sharing the Warmth
Customer donations combine with donations from Atmos to help people in need pay their gas bills. Read more on Atmos Energy programs and phone numbers.

Duke Energy
Provides assistance in the form of a furnace/heat pump, energy saving tips, energy efficient light bulbs, and, if needed, hot water heater wrap, weather-stripping and pipe wrap. This assistance is provided to eligible customers.

WinterCare Fund
In addition, eligible Kentucky customers will receive a one-time cash grant payment, which is available November through March, to help them pay heating and electric bills.

Louisville Gas & Electric
Home Energy Assistance
This company provides a year-round fixed utility bill credit that will vary by month and it is based on the household’s income, utility bills, and bill size for the previous 12 months, an adjustment for any monthly, normal heating degree days, as well as any significant changes in utility pricing. The credit can be applied to paying bills in arrearage as well.

Kentucky families will receive energy education and a walkthrough inspection. Many families will also receive HVAC and water heater system inspection, attic insulation, and air sealing to help them pay lower utility and heating bills.

This program will helps lower income customers pay their heating bills.

Find additional Louisville Gas and Electric assistance programs. Click here.




Kentucky Utilities
Home Energy Assistance
Eligible customers will receive a fixed amount of almost $300 per year, paid in seven monthly installments of about $44, that is applied to the current utility bill. The utility bill credit will be applied to bills during peak cooling and heating months, and the credit cannot be used to reduce arrearages.

All participants in this assistance program receive a walkthrough inspection and energy education to help them conserve energy. Many Kentucky families will also receive HVAC and a water heater system inspection, air sealing and attic insulation.

West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation
E.N.U.F. (Emergency Needline Utility Funds)
The Calloway County Needline office, as well as other agencies that are familiar with emergency energy needs distribute an emergency fund that is created by customer donations. More information.


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