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Keep Wisconsin Warm fund

Most regions and utility companies throughout Wisconsin offer and participate in the Keep Wisconsin Warm Fund (KWWF). This program, which can be known as KWWF, is a voluntary, non-profit community-based utility assistance program that was designed to fill the need for utility and energy bill assistance to low to moderate income people throughout Wisconsin. As one example, about 95% of those residents who are helped by KWW/CF are elderly, disabled or families with young children or elderly family members. The Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund is committed to providing a safety net for these low income and most vulnerable populations.

The Keep Wisconsin Warm and/or Cool Fund is a statewide program that covers all of Wisconsin. The program is run as a non-profit, public/private partnership that steps in and keeps the heat and power on for thousands of families in crisis or emergency situations. Many of these low income households pay between 50-60% of their monthly income toward energy costs and utility bills, and the program will help these families.

The KWWF was created by and is funded by local businesses (including utilities), donations and individual contributions. Eligibility requirements for help are the same as for WHEAP, which is basically 150% of poverty and below.

The Keep Wisconsin Warm Fund is committed to providing immediate help and relief from energy crises as well as long-term solutions to low income and those who need help, and ultimately provide participants with self-sufficiency. Those in need can be helped with:

  • Help for paying utility bills
  • Home weatherization and conservation
  • Replacement or repair of old, inefficient and dangerous furnaces
  • Debt reduction, budget counseling, money management
  • Connection to other resources and programs to allow people to help themselves





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