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Kansas HeatShare program

This program provides families and individuals in Kansas with help to pay their utility bills. The HeatShare program was created in the early 1990s. Several different utility companies in the state have joined together to create the program, and to ensure its success. They include People's Natural Gas, which now known as UtiliCorp United/Energy One. This particular utility company is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. Since the time that HeatShare was started three additional utility companies have joined the program. They are WestPlains Energy, the City of Altamont, Kansas,, as well as Butler Rural Electric. Throughout Kansas, individual contributions, funds from local businesses, creative fund raiser, and Fifth Sunday Church Offerings raise very special funds and donations for HeatShare assistance to those who need help with paying utility and energy bills.

What is HeatShare?

The Salvation Army administers the HeatShare program, which is really a utility bill assistance program administered with various local agencies and other companies which all provide assistance and make funds available throughout Kansas. At the end of the day, HeatShare acts as a safety net for households who need a helping hand with paying their utility bill and can show a provable need for the aid. HeatShare assistance is available until funding is exhausted each and every year.





Who does it help?

The HeatShare program raises private dollars to provide energy bill assistance to those people who need help with paying their energy bills. Seniors with low incomes and no alternate source of help are a focus, as well as disabled peoples whose physical capabilities limit their ability to maintain income to adequately cover energy bills.

Since they are at most risk, the elderly and disabled throughout Kansas are given priority where funds are limited. In addition the Salvation Army run HeatShare provides assistance to low income households and also to those who may never have asked for assistance before but because of unexpected expenses such as a job loss, medical emergency, or birth or death in the family, and then find themselves unable to pay their utility bill. The HeatShare assistance program provides payments toward both  air conditioning and heating bills and funds can go towards paying electricity, gas, natural gas, propane, fuel oil or wood bills. Where sufficient funds are available, HeatShare grants are available to make emergency repairs to hot water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, and other energy related equipment. Last, but not least, financial assistance may also be available for repairs to broken windows and doors for better heat and air conditioning retention and conservation.



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