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How to get help with bills from Kansas Gas Service.

The primary program offered by Kansas Gas Service is Share The Warmth. This program used to be known as Gift of Warmth. It was created in partnership between the statewide Salvation Army as well as  Kansas Gas Service. It can offer qualified customers with various forms of energy and utility bill assistance, with a focus on helping Kansas families that are facing financial emergencies or some form of short term hardship pay their home heating costs and stay warm throughout the cold Kansas winter.

While any low income customer may be able to receive help, one on the main focuses of the program is to help individuals with disabilities, senior citizens, the low income, and those people who have shortfalls in their immediate cash resources and who simply cannot pay for their home heating and utility bills. The Salvation Army uses customer donations to make payments directly to the fuel supplier or utility company on behalf of the person chosen to receive the financial aid. Regardless of your fuel type or heating source, the Kansas Gas Service Share The Warmth program may be able to help, as it does not discriminate between applicants  regardless of how they heat their home. It makes no difference what the applicants heating source is, as the main goal is to keep people warm no matter what.





Kansas Gas Service folly support the statewide HeatShare program. This is offered to all residents across the state, no matter where they live. It can provide financial assistance and cash grants towards paying all forms of utility bills.

The primary goal of the Equal Payment Plan is to help people plan on their utility expenses and budget accordingly. The amount of your monthly bill, and therefore the amount you need to pay, will be based on your previous 12-month billing history and the amount of your gas and utility bill is the same amount each month. This eliminated spikes in bills, and is most effective for people who live on a fixed monthly income.

Partnerships with Charities and Assistance Agencies in Kansas

Kansas Gas Service has extensive information on various assistance agencies, such as government programs, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and more. While funds are limited, these agencies may from time to time be able to help someone with bills if you are faced with disconnection or in a crisis.

Kansas Gas can be reached at 1-800-794-4780.



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