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Indiana Assistance and Utility Bill Help

A state moratorium in Indiana that is currently preventing utilities from disconnecting customers utility and heating service during cold weather will end in March. This may potentially lead to some Indiana families facing a loss of power or heating service if they can't afford to pay their bills. Many residents who are affected by this are those residents who already have applied for the state's Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program benefits.

Utility company Vectren has said there are already several options for families and customers who are facing disconnection. Customers can arrange to pay their bill in installments or they can even request a postponement of the due date of the monthly energy bills.

Indiana customers may also enroll in a budget billing plan in which Vectren estimates what a family in Indiana  will pay for a year of gas service. The customer is then charged one-twelfth of that total estimated bill each month, so the customer can budget throughout the year.

Finally, those customers who can receive help from the Energy Assistance Program also can get Universal Service Program help. This energy saving program will lower the gas bills of qualified customers between 15 percent and 32 percent, thereby saving families a substantial sum of money.



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