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Illinois programs to help with paying utility, electric, and heating bills

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Utility Rate Assistance and Energy Efficiency
Effective in 1998, the Supplemental Low-Income Energy Assistance Fund (SLEAF program) was created  through the electric utility restructuring legislation. The law directed electric and gas utility companies to assess a monthly surcharge from customers and then deposit that money it into a state fund. The General Assembly will then appropriate that fund yearly to the state Department of Commerce and Community Affairs, the LIHEAP and weatherization grantee. Annually, over 80 percent of the fund, more than $65 million, goes for low income utility bill and heating assistance, and 10 percent, about $7.6 million, supplements the state’s weatherization program.

Good Samaritan Initiative
This aid program/initiative is offered by all utility companies, and it allows program participants to get their utility service restored by paying 20 percent or $250 of their remaining balance.

AmerenUE, AmerenCIPS, AmerenCILCO
Dollar More
Assistance funds pay for a variety of home energy bills such as utility, gas, oil and propane.

Residential Bill Payment Assistance
Ameren will provide up to $300 in energy bill assistance and grants to lower income electric customers.

Hardship Assistance for Residential Customers
Community Action agencies distribute these grants to help pay utility bills. They may award grants of up to $600 per household for bills.

Income too high for LIHEAP
If you do not qualify for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program as your income is too high, then you still may be able to get help from the Warm Neighbors Cool Friends. It provides grants and weatherzation to customers whose income exceeds LIHEAP guidelines. More on Warm Neighbors Cool Friends.

Find additional information on ways to get help from Ameren. Read more.

Atmos Energy
Sharing the Warmth
This program will help people pay their gas bills. It runs from contributions and donations. Continue.






City Of Chicago assistance programs
Emergency Housing Assistance Program
Emergency repair grants are available to homeowners with lower incomes or those facing hardships. This may include emergency roof repairs, repair or replacement of heating units, and other energy saving conservation activities that will help lower your utility bills.

City Water Light and Power
To qualify for aid, a customer in Illinois has to have a late CWLP bill and to also be able to pay a portion of it.

ComEd Utility Rate Relief Program
Residential Hardship Fund: Grants of up to $1,000 to offset electric rate increases for people facing hardships or with special circumstances.

Customers with household incomes of up to 400 percent of the local poverty level, or income of $80,000 for a family of four, may be eligible for assistance. They need to identify a special hardship issue such as medical expenses, seniors requiring in-home care, military service, or even grandparents raising minor grandchildren may allow eligibility. Or a resident in the home with a disability may quality the household for help with electric and heating bills. Verification of hardship will be required.

Residential Rate Relief Program: A one-time cash grant credit paid up to $240 for customers who experience a higher-than-average rate increase on their bills.

Summer Assistance Program: A one-time credit provided to Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program participants to help pay summer cooling bills.

Power Up : Provides a one-time energy bill assistance grant of up to $400 to aid individuals and families with limited incomes if they are eligible for LIHEAP.

CARE Helping Hand Initiative : This program was created to serve as a one-time offer to provide immediate help to customers in Illinois who are currently facing an immediate service disconnection. All households can qualify for help with paying utility and energy bills, regardless of income. Read more.

Customers have two ways to get help. They can decide to pay 90 percent of the utility bill amount owed and ComEd will credit the remaining 10 percent, or they can decide to pay 25 percent of the amount of the bill owed (10 percent if they are heat-related customers) and the remaining balance of the energy bill can be paid over time without incurring any additional interest fee or late charges from ComEd.

Illinois Power (AmerenIP)
Warm Neighbors
They provide utility bill payment assistance and weatherization for qualified customers who generally do not qualify for state or federal heating or electric bill assistance.




Mid-American Energy Company
The I CARE assistance program helps those who are unemployed, living on low or fixed incomes, and those who are experiencing a family crisis by helping those families pay their heating bills or by making their homes more energy efficient.

Nicor Gas
Sharing Program
Provides annual cash grants to qualified residential customers. Read more on the Nicor Gas Sharing Program.

Northshore Gas and Peoples Gas
Good Samaritan Initiative
Qualified families and individuals in Illinois can have their utility service restored by paying 20 percent or $250 of their remaining outstanding balance on their bills. To qualify for this aid, utility customers must have account balances that are too high to be covered by the state's Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, but the total outstanding bill due needs to be less than $3,000. Find additional help from Northshore.

Northshore Gas
Share the Warmth
An energy bill assistance grant program.

Peoples Energy Corporation - Share the Warmth
This assistance program will provide up to $200 in utility bill assistance, per household, to all eligible customers who are experiencing difficulties paying their gas heating bills.

Springfield City Water Light & Power
Offers a Senior Citizen Discount Rate to Illinois customers that will provide help with paying utility bills. This program is a 10% discount for customers 62 years of age or older that have a total household income that is no more than 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Warm Neighbors Fund
This is one of the main donation type programs in Illinois. All money contributed to the program is paid out to residents so they have funds for paying their heating and cooling bills. Thousands of families across the state benefit from it. Read more.

Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative
Grants to help pay bills are available for individuals in need of help and for 501(c)3 organizations. The purpose of the grant program is to help families meet a critical need that is currently not being met by any other means.

Weatherization and energy conservation - To sign up for the free federal government funded energy conservation program, call your local community action agency in Illinois. Qualified homeowners are able to save hundreds of dollars per year on their utility bills. A number of improvements can be made to your home or residence. Click here for additional details.

Read how to get additional help and also find how others in Illinois are dealing with high electric and heating  bills. More.


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