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Idaho Power utility bill help

Idaho Power can direct people to government utility programs, and they also provide their own forms of help to people in need.

Idaho Power partners with community action agencies. Idaho Power provides funds to local community action agencies. Together they work together to provide customers with weatherization programs and direct financial assistance. Call your local community action agency.

Federal Government Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP) - The LIHEAP program is a federally funded program, that is also supplemented by the state, that can help qualified households pay their utility bills. The assistance program provides a one-time grant or cash benefit (up to once per program year) to assist the low income, elderly, disabled, and senior citizens with paying for heating costs and utility bills in the winter. While the programs criteria and funding will change from year to year, in general eligibility for the LIHEAP program will be is based on a number of factors including the applicants total household income and household size.





Project Share - Project Share can help with paying utility bills, and the aid is targeted at those who are unable to pay energy bills for propane, electric, natural gas, heating and/or fuel oil, or firewood due to illness, disability, age, unemployment, medical emergency, or reduction in hours.

Energy Assistance is a federal government funded utility assistance program for qualified low income households which provides a one-time cash grant or financial benefit (per program year) to assist with heating costs and paying for utility bills for Idaho Power customers.

Government Weatherization Assistance Program - Another program initially created by the federal government. However Idaho Power also supplements the program, and they provide grants and financial assistance to the Idaho Community Action Partnership (CAP) agencies to help cover the cost for weatherization of electrically heated homes of qualified customers, and the funds can provide even further energy saving improvements.

If you need help paying utilities, call Idaho Power at 1-800-488-6151 to learn about these or other assistance programs.





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