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How to save up to $500 per month

Find tips on how to save up to $500 per month as reported by many top sources.

Get cheaper auto insurance - Average savings: $65 per month

Studies by leading publications show that many consumers have stayed with the same auto insurance company for over 10 years. You might be able to quickly and easily get help and save hundreds of dollar per month by shopping around. As an example, a married couple with no driving violations or accidents, who also have a driving-age son, and who live in Los Angeles can save an incredible $350 per month on standard auto insurance coverage just by switching to a lower-cost auto insurer. This savings data is from the California Department of Insurance. On the other hand, a retired couple with no driving violations living in Fargo, N.D., can expect to save only about $35 per month by switching to a lower cost auto insurers. Bottom line, get a new quote. You should be able to find a lower cost provider at a cheaper price, which will help you with lower insurance bills.





Save on your phone - Average savings: $35 per month

The typical American family spends almost $100 a month for their cell phone, home phone, pagers, and even phone cards. This is according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. $100 is a lot of money to spend on a phone. So, when real life phone bills were examined, they uncovered savings that range from $15 per month for budget, infrequent callers up to an incredible $55 per month for heavy users. What you need to do is peruse your last few months' phone bills to get an honest assessment of  how many minutes you typically use on both wireless and landline calls. Then comparison shop among the various cellular service providers, your cable TV company, the local phone company, and independent long-distance carriers. Never buy more than you truly need, such do not get an unlimited cellular plan if you rarely use over 900 minutes per month.


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