Help with water bills




Help With Water Bills

While the number of water bill assistance programs is still limited, the best way to save on your water bill is to use WaterSense products. WaterSense products can help you save water and therefore help lower your water bills. A wide variety of water saving products are available to buy, the list of items keeps growing. Maybe most importantly, these products don't require a change in your lifestyle. By committing to making just a few small changes to use your water more efficiently, you could save almost $200 every year on your water bill.

In order to be considered for the WaterSense program and label, products must save over 20 percent more water than the average products in that category

The WaterSense Program, which is a program sponsored by the federal government EPA, is protecting the future of our nation's water supply and helping Americans save water and money by encouraging the use of water efficient products. The program is also focused on enhancing the market for water-efficient programs, products, and practices.

If a product that you buy has the WaterSense label, it will indicate that the product meets water efficiency and high performance criteria. WaterSense labeled products help Americans save money, reduce their water bills, they perform well, and also encourage innovation in manufacturing. Examples of WaterSense products include :

  • Toilets : Older and inefficient toilets that are installed in many homes are responsible for the majority of the water that is wasted in American homes, and they also play the biggest role in high water utility bills. Replacing inefficient toilets with WaterSense labeled, newer and more efficient toilets could save over 2 billion gallons of water per day across the nation.
  • Faucet : If every home in America installed just one WaterSense faucet in their house, we could save over 60 billion gallons of water annually as a nation.
  • Shower head : Taking a shower is approximately 19 percent of all residential indoor water used in the United States. You can greatly reduce your water utility bills by using a WaterSense labeled shower head. Over 1.2 trillion gallons of water are used each year from showers and current inefficient shower heads.



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