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Get help with utilities from Washington Gas

Washington Gas has customers throughout the greater Washington DC area, including in Maryland. So customers do have the ability to apply for financial assistance for paying their electric and utility bills. The various services available to state of Maryland residents are below.

The Salvation Army across Maryland and Washington Gas have partnered together to created the Washington Area Fuel Fund. If you do not qualify for government assistance (such as LIHEAP) or if you have used up all other options and programs that may be available to you, then his program may be able to help. It serves as a last resort to income qualified applicants.

The fund is run by donations. Anyone can make a tax deductible donation to the fuel fund, and all money goes to Washington Gas customers. The utility company pays all of the administrative costs, so all funds go to people who need help. This program is a great way for people to donate and contribute money to help the less fortunate in their community. Each year thousands of local customers qualify for help and get funds to help them through a difficult period. Call 1-888-318-9233.

Maryland Energy Bill Assistance Program, which goes by MEAP, is also available for Washington Gas customers. The Maryland Department of Human Resources Energy Hotline administers the program and accepts applications, so call them at 1-800-352-1446. Cash grants and financial aid is provided by MEAP. This is really the states version of the low income home energy assistance program, or LIHEAP. The total amount of grant money distributed will be based on family size, the applicants total household income and the type of fuel or heating oil that is used for heating. Applicants are eligible to apply for the government funded MEAP program only once at any time.






Residential Essential Service (RES) is offered by Washington Gas Light Company. It is a heating program for people who use natural gas for heating their homes. Applicants also need to be current on their monthly utility bills. If these things hold true, then RES can offer Washington Gas customers a discount on their utility and gas bills. While criteria will vary, the total amount of the discount offered can be as great as $135. Call 1-800-352-1446 to reach the Maryland Department of Human Resources Energy Hotline.

Utility Service Protection Program (USPP) - If you are qualified and signed up for Maryland Energy Bill Assistance Program, then USPP may be another option for you. Those customers who are signed up for the USPP will receive a natural gas bill for the same amount each month throughout the year, so this help people plan and budget their income and expenses.




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