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Get help with paying utilities from Rochester Gas and Electric

Four primary assistance programs are offered by Rochester Gas and Electric to their customers. Learn about the options below, as well as who to call.

Rochester Gas and Electric Energy Assistance Program - This was created help low income, elderly, and other qualified customers pay their utility and energy bills. This particular assistance program really has two different components to it, which include forgiven past unpaid bills as well as providing monthly credits. A limited number of qualified applicants to the Energy Assistance Program will be accepted into the arrears forgiveness program, which may waive some past, unpaid bills. What EAP bill credits does is reduce or credit a portion of a customers monthly utility bills. Good news is that EAP bill credits are available automatically to any customer who receives a federal government HEAP benefit. 

Payment Arrangements - One of the main ways to get help from Rochester Gas and Electric is to call to work out a payment arrangement. They will assign you a customer service representative to try to work out a payment agreement plan. This plan is never guaranteed, people need to apply, and the amount of help offered will vary. For example, RG&E will need to consider your individual needs and total household income limitations when working out a down payment and a payment schedule for your account. A down payment on your utility bill may or may be not be necessary. The length of the agreement that may be put into place, as well as the amount of each monthly payment will be decided between the customer and RG&E.  Rochester Gas and Electric may also be able to refer you to a government program or agency or charity in your area.






HEAP Home Energy Assistance Program - This is funded by the federal government. It may be able to help qualified households pay for utility bills, weatherization, conservation programs, energy costs, and minor home repairs. If apply and are found to be eligible, low income eligible customers may receive one regular government HEAP benefit per season. Note that in addition to the regular federal government HEAP payments and grants, the household may also be eligible for emergency HEAP benefits, which can help pay for an utility bill when the customer is faced with a disconnection. Note that HEAP funding is limited so it is important to apply early to Rochester Gas and Electric or your local community action agency.

Save money - Rochester Gas and Electric has several methods that customers can use to save money. The company offers several tips, suggestions, and even some programs that can help customers of all income levels save money on their utilities. More.

Red Cross/RG&E Heating Fund - An assistance program that is run by the American Red Cross Greater Rochester Chapter, known as the The Red Cross/RG&E Heating Fund, is an emergency energy bill assistance program which specifically targets those individuals and households who are not eligible for government assistance programs, such as HEAP, because maybe their income is just slightly too high for government aid. The Heating Fund provides grants to eligible applicants, and it is a good program as more than just low income may be able to get help.

To learn about these or any other programs, call Rochester Gas and Electric at 1.877.266.3492.



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