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How to get help with paying utility bills from Progress Energy

Many people are having difficulty paying utility bills in these challenging economic times. North Carolina based Progress Energy has several options that can provide help. Some of them include the Energy Neighbor Fund. This is an assistance program that will help customers with high bills because of heating costs and expenses, in particular. However, the customer doesn’t need to have to be an electric heating customers to participate in the program, and it is available for any Progress Energy customer. More information.

Another resource that they offer is the Energy Crisis Assistance Plan/Fund that is available through county social services departments and community action agencies. Contact your local county offices, the Salvation Army, or a community action agency to learn more or apply for help. This program will provide customers with funds to help pay their bills.

A third option that is recommenced is that Progress customers look into the utility companies equal payment plan. This works by taking the past year of utility usage and it will average out the costs over the next 12 months so that utility bills don’t skyrocket during heavy usage periods.

While these are all programs and resources that can help, the biggest key is communication. The biggest thing is that Progress Energy encourages its customers, if they are experiencing problems with paying their utility bill, to contact the customer service center as early in the process as possible to explore all options. Their customer service representatives can help customers find ways to keep their bill current and keep from having their service disconnected.

Note that when temperatures are below 32 degrees at any point in the day, your utility or heating service will not be disconnected.

The Progress Energy Customer Service Center may be reached at 1 800-452-2777. Call them to learn more.






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