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Electric and utility bill help from Consolidated Energy

The utility company has programs for the low income, disabled, senior citizens, people with medical hardships and much more. Find information on the various ways to get help with bills from Consolidated Edison in New York City below, as well as who to call for help. Dial 1-800-752-6633.

Low income customers can apply to the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

This is funded by both the federal government as well as the state of New York. It can help qualified low income customers and elderly pay their monthly utility and electric bills. Grants, disconnection assistance, and other aid is provided by Consolidated Edison and the HEAP program. Every year tens of thousands are helped by this government program.

Programs for seniors

  • A quarterly billing plan is offered for customers with utility bills under a certain dollar amount. This helps seniors and elderly coordinate the timing of paying their electric bills with their income, such as social security or retirement funds.
  • Another option available from Consolidated Edison is a resource known as CONCERN. This can direct senior citizens towards government assistance programs, and can offer energy saving tips as well, in addition to weatherization.





Medical hardship

If a customer has an unexpected medical emergency or hardship, then Consolidated Edison can provide more time to pay your monthly utility bill. On average customers will receive up to 30 additional days to pay their bill.

Consolidated Edison Energy Share

This can help low income and elderly New York customers, and it is an energy fund that was created to assist low-income, disabled, and elderly residential customers who are experiencing financial difficulties or some form of hardship, and can help those who are faced with a disconnection. The program, which will be administered by local charities and non-profits, is also known as HeartShare, and it will give one-time grants of up to $200 to qualifying homeowners or renters to help them pay electric or utility bills.

Low-Income Plan

This is a service that will keep a customers utility bills as a pre-1996 level. Individuals who are on Direct Vendor within Public Assistance may qualify. Significant savings on utility bills can be recognized.

Con Ed Arrears Avoidance Program

Qualified low-income customers in the New York City region are eligible to receive a $200 grant towards paying a past, unpaid utility bill. This is an effective option to prevent the disconnection of someone’s utility service.

EmPower New YorkSM

Consolidated Edison partners with New York State and local non-profits, and together they administer this energy conservation and reduction measures. It can provide for the replacement of refrigerators and lighting to make items more energy efficient.  Education can also be offered. The goal is to both help customers save money on their utility bills, as well as ensure their home are safe.




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