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Help with utilities from Austin Energy

There are four main programs offered by Austin Energy that provide utility bill help. Those resources include the following:

Fee Waiver and Discounts : This option is for Austin customers who are on a low and/or fixed income. This assistance program will help those people who are facing a short term hardship or some type of  emergency, and the discount can help them keep their utility accounts in good standing and current. If you apply and are found to be eligible for aid, you can receive

  • At maximum a $6.25 monthly waiver of the customer water service charge
  • Up to a $6.00 per month waiver of the customer electric service charge
  • A discount on the water service charge of up to $8.00 per month
  • Customers will be enrolled into the E01A Wind Energy Green Choice Rate
  • Last but not least, receive a 50% reduction on the residential City of Austin Drainage fee

Customer Assistance Program : Austin Energy runs this program and it will help eligible customers who are having difficulty paying their monthly utility bill. This assistance program is funded through private donations as well as voluntary contributions from utility customers and local businesses. The program is run by local charities, including community action agencies and the Salvation Army.

Deferred Payment : This option provides the customer time to bring their account current. What happens is that your past due amount on your utility bill is “spread” out over a period of time and can be repaid over time. You are then allowed to pay a portion of the past due amount on your utility bill in addition to your ongoing monthly utility charges. The bottom line is that the deferred payment plan agreement allows you the opportunity to bring your account balance current over time and keep your power on.

Home improvements : A free program offered by Austin Energy is the home-energy improvement. It can help qualified with low-to-moderate incomes, the elderly, or disabled save money. Improvements reduce energy costs and enhance comfort of the homeowner.

Call Austin Energy at (512) 494-9400 to learn more about all of these resources.




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