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Get help paying utility bills Ameren

Some of the different resources offered by Ameren include the programs listed below.

Ameren Hardship Assistance for Residential Customers - This program provides Ameren customers with grants of up to $600. The funding is provided to people based on the financial hardship that is being experienced by customers with household incomes of up to 400 percent of the federal government poverty level.

Payment plan - This can be entered into by customers if they pay just 10 percent of the past due balance. After they pay that initial “down payment”, the remaining portion of the past due balance on the utility bill will be paid in monthly installments along with the current bill amount for each month. If you are interest in learning more or establishing a payment plan, customers may call their Ameren Illinois utility: AmerenIP – 1-800-755-5000, AmerenCIPS – 1-888-789-2477; and AmerenCILCO – 1-888-672-5252.

Bill Payment Assistance Program - Another grant program. This one provides energy and utility bill assistance grants of up to $300 to low-income electric customers with household incomes of 150 percent to 200 percent of the energy assistance federal poverty level.

Both of the hardship and bill payment grants are provided through your local community action agencies. In addition to the assistance mentioned here, these local community action agencies will also administer the federal government Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Customers may call 1-877-411-9276 to obtain the name and address of their local community action agency in Illinois.

LIHEAP -  As indicated above, this program is administered by local community action agencies. The  LIHEAP program provides energy services payment assistance to eligible low and moderate income households, people with disabilities, and elderly persons. Grants from LIHEAP are based on the number of people in a household, the total household income and also even the type of energy used.

Additional options include the Dollar More and Warm Neighbors programs. These are additional resources  that may be able to help eligible Ameren Illinois residential customers with paying their utility bills. Customers who are interested in any of these programs, or exploring other options, should call their Ameren Illinois utility for information about how to get help. In addition, Ameren Illinois customers may make contributions to these programs to help their neighbors.




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