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Find ways to get help paying utility bills.

Federal as well as local, state and county governments have created programs that will assist all families, but particularly low income families. In addition, utility companies will often have their own assistance programs. These programs can provide individuals with help in paying utility bills and help with their heating and electric bills. From time to time, some hard working people may experience financial hardship, and sometimes you just do need that little extra help in paying utility bills. Many states also provide programs that help with heating bills, particularly northern states.

Many assistance programs will usually provide you with a one time payment towards your utility bills, whether it is an electric or heating bill, and the programs will also pay each time that you qualify for the assistance program. Many of them will also offer ways to save on your utility bills, including free energy efficient products, free advice and energy surveys.

Click on your state to find ways to get help with paying your utility bill.

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