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Utility bill help from New York State Electric and Gas

Get information on the various programs, services, and resources offered by NYSEG. They have programs to meet a wide variety of needs, including low income, elderly customers, disabled, and more.

Power Partner Program
This program has been in place since 1998, and Power Partner offers different types of help. The services can include a reduction in NYSEG's basic utility bill service charge, home weatherization assistance, ideas and advice to reduce home energy use and therefore bills, the program will reduce or waive overdue balances on NYSEG accounts, and company representatives can refer individuals s to other local charities, community-based programs and/or non-profit services in New York.

Help from One Less Worry
This is a service that can place your monthly utility bill payments on hold for 30 days should you or a household member be hospitalized or have some type of serious medical emergency.

Project SHARE
This program from NYSEG helps qualified customers pay for their utility bills that are the result of energy emergencies such as  repairs to heating equipment, unexpected or high priced fuel bills, home weatherization and water heater replacements. The program is funded by employees, retirees, and customers. In order to receive Project SHARE financial assistance or cash grants, a member of the household must be disabled, 60 years of age or older, and in addition they must have exhausted all other energy assistance programs such as HEAP, Medicaid and local or county emergency aid, and food stamps.





Help for Customers on Life Support
If you or a member of your family or household relies on life-sustaining equipment to meet your health care needs, don’t wait to ask for help. Be sure to call New York State Electric and Gas and the company will notify you before any planned interruption of your electricity service for maintenance and also advise you of programs that can provide you with utility bill help.

Counseling and other options
In addition to these programs mentioned above, always call the utility company and go over your problem. The utility company has advocates that are available to help customers who are experiencing medical and financial hardships, and who have special needs. The customer advocate service was created just for this reason.

Call NYSEG at 1.800.572.1111 to talk about these programs or other options.



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