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Get help with utility and gas bills from National Fuel Gas

The energy provider offers some of its own services and resources, and they also partner with the state and federal government on others. Below you will find details on ways to get help with paying your energy and utility bills from National Fuel Gas in Pennsylvania.

Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund - Each year this program pays out hundreds of thousands of dollars towards home heating grants for individuals and families who need help with paying their utility and gas bills. The money paid out can be used to purchase home heating fuel of any kind, help a customer prevent disconnection of their utility service, and also help someone pay current or past due energy and utility bills.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) - This is of course the federally funded program that provides help for paying utility, heating, and energy bills to income qualified individuals. Financial assistance and cash grants are available to renters and homeowners in the state of Pennsylvania. The exact amount of the grant is dependent on your income and family size.

Low Income Residential Assistance Program (LIRAP) - If you have an older, unpaid energy bill, this program may be able to have all or a portion of it eliminated. In addition, it will also provide reduced billing rates and therefore help people save money.

Heating/Water Heating system replacement or repair - This program may offer the repair or replacement of a broken, faulty, non-operational, or hazardous primary heating/water heating equipment. The repair or replacement will ensure people stay warm over the cold winter months.

National Fuel Gas Elderly, Blind or Disabled Payment Troubled Residential Assistance Program - This will help people who are 65 or older. It can forgive bills, waive fees, ensure HVAC systems are functional, and offer other aid.

To get help from National Fuel Gas, or enter into some type of utility bill payment plan, dial 1-800-365-3234.





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