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How to get help paying utilities from Empire District Electric

Empire District Electric customers who need help paying their utility, gas and electric bills have options and resources available to them. The utility company can be reached at 800-206-2300, and customer service representatives can always provide more information and support.

A program run by churches and faith based organizations in Arkansas is the Experimental Low-Income Program. It is a program that can help provide financial assistance for energy-related expenses and utilities bills, and grants and financial help is available for customers who qualify for it. As indicated, this Empire District program is facilitated by local community action agencies and churches, so call your local center for information.

Another option for the elderly is Empire's Action to Support the Elderly (EASE). This particular program was created to help people who are aged 60 or older, and it help for utilities is also available for the disabled in the community and who are customers in Empire District Electric Company electric service area. If you apply and are found to be qualified for help, customers who qualify for help may have late penalties are waived, due dates may be adjusted, security deposits waived.

Empire District Project Help - This resource is created by donations from local individuals and businesses, with supplemental funding by Empire District. The Project Help resource is a financial assistance program that was created to help meet emergency energy-related expenses and help pay utility bills of the disabled residents or elderly in Empire's electric service area of Arkansas. For many of these low income and struggling people in he area, protection against extreme heat or cold can be matter of life or death, and ensuring your utilities are not disconnected is key. To be eligible for financial assistance from Project Help, applicants need to be a customer of Empire District Electric, be disabled, or be 55 years of age or older, or can’t be able to pay their utility and have no other options to them. For example, they can’t have access to LIHEAP or other government programs.

Empire District payment plans and negotiation - Customer service representative are always willing to review your account and see if they can offer any payment plans or other Arkansas based or government solutions.





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