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Utility bill help from Dominion Hope

Dominion Hope offers its customers several different programs and options to get help paying utility bills. As with most programs available, certain income criteria need to be met to receive help. The phone number is 1-800-688-4673.

Budget Payment Plan - This is an option that allows customers to in effect spread their annual gas bills over a twelve month period. This allows people to better plan for their bills, and to budget accordingly.  Dominion Hope will establish what they payment amount will be by reviewing your past 12 months of usage and utility expenses.

Special Reduced Residential Service Rate Program  - This allows customers to receive a 20% discount on paying their gas or electric bills.

Low Income Energy Assistance - This federal and West Virginia funded assistance program will help people pay their utility bills by providing customers with  a cash payment to help with paying gas and utility bills. This LIHEAP program is an option for customers who are unemployed, or who otherwise are living on a low or fixed income.

Weatherization assistance. Eligible low income, elderly and disabled customers can receive energy conservation measures to their home, including heating system retrofits, insulation, weather stripping, caulking,  and other energy bill savings measures.

West Virginia Low Income Discount Program - Another discount program. Customers who apply and are accepted into the program will receive a 20% discount on their gas bill for the billing months of December through April of each and every year.

Budget Plus Repayment Plan. This is an option that will help Dominion Hope customers pay off past due utility bill balances by spreading their payments and the arrears on their bills over 12 months. Customers who sign up and are part of this plan must also pay their monthly budget amount of their utility bills.

Heat Fund - This is run by your local Salvation Army and help Dominion customers. It is a financial assistance program to help pay energy bills.





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