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Get utility help from Dayton Power and Light

Several assistance programs and options are offered by Dayton Power and Light. They administer programs that are funded by the state of Ohio, the federal government, and by the utility company itself. Information and further details on each program is below.

Fresh Start - This is for customers who were formerly on the Ohio Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP). If you were on the plan and no longer qualify for aid, the Dayton Power and Light Fresh Start program can help you forgive your debts and outstanding utility bills simply by paying your DP&L bill. This program is run by local non-profits, so you need to call your local Community Action Agency to see if you are eligible for Fresh Start.

Dayton Power and Light - Many people are struggling with paying utility bills and need help. If you fall into this category, or if you are having trouble paying your energy bill, ask about DP&L’s programs that they run themselves. Call customer Service at 1-800-433-8500 to see how they can help. They offer struggling customers several different resources and services.

Individual Payment Arrangements - Dayton Power will also work with customers to establish an individualized payment plan for their energy bills that is based on the amount due, the customers ability to pay for their utility bills and their credit history.

Medical needs - Customers who have a senior medical condition, or customers that receive medical care for a serious health care condition and who need help paying their utility bill may qualify for this program.

Dayton Power and Light also partners with the state of Ohio and the federal government to offer the Ohio Energy Credit Program (OECP), the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), as well as the Summer Crisis Program.




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