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Get help with utilities from CLECO

Low income customers who need help from CLECO can look into one or more of the following resources that can be used to help them with paying their utility bills. Find information on the various services and programs below, as well as the phone number to dial to ask for or apply for help.

CLECO payment plans and Credit Extension Agreement
If you owe an arreage on your utility bills, this program provides CLECO customers with additional time to catch up and pay their bills. Customer service representatives from the energy provider reserves the right to offer a credit extension agreement or a payment plan to qualified customers.

Levelized Billing Plan
This is when CLECO will bill customers based on the their monthly average usage for the previous 12 months. While it is not a reduction for customers, it is a plan that provides customers an easy way to balance their monthly electric bills, and instead of fluctuating bills, customers will pay the same dollar amount every month on their utilities.

Utility Bills Deferral from the Energy Emergency Deferred Billing Program (EEDBP)
This goes into effect when the Louisiana Public Service Commission declares an energy emergency. The deferral of the customers utility bill can be paid over a period of up to 12 months, depending on the amount that is owed and the exact nature of the emergency. The program does set maximum amount of deferrals in place, and as indicated it will only last up to one year maximum.





CLECO CARE discount
Qualified low to moderate income customer, seniors, the elderly, and poor may qualify for this service. Cleco has recently created the CARE (Cleco Alternative Rate for Electricity) utility program for low-income customers.

The CARE program now in place will provide eligible low income customers with a 25 percent discount on the monthly fuel portion of their utility bills during the hot summer months in Louisiana of July, August and September.

In order to apply or learn more, interested low income customers must qualify for the Summer CARE discount through their local community action agency between October and May of the year that they wish to apply for.

There are income qualifications in place, and those qualifications for this monthly discount are the same as those required for federal government created Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) assistance. Note that those CLECO customers who apply and are accepted for LIHEAP assistance during the three-month CARE signup period will also automatically be approved for the CARE discount, so no further action is required on their part.


The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is fully supported by CLECO. Call your local community action agency in Louisiana to apply for this federal government funded program.

To learn more about these or other options from CLECO, dial 1-800-622-6537.



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