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Get help with bills from CenterPoint Energy in Arkansas

Various programs are offered to help customers pay their utility and electric bills. Most of the services are offered for people who are faced with a crisis or unexpected hardship, but others are more general low income programs. CenterPoint highly recommends that customers who are having trouble paying their natural gas or utility bill to contact them right away. Do not wait until you receive a disconnection/shut-off notice or your natural gas service has been disconnected.

Payment plans from CenterPoint - Call the company to negotiate and enter into various payment plans. Options include both arrangements and extensions. Customers that are having trouble paying their utility bills can arrange a payment plan for going forward, or an extension which can set up on your past-due bill for up to 30 days..

LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) - If interested in this government option, call the Office of Community Services to learn more about this federal government funded Energy Assistance Grant Program at 501-682-8715.




CenterPoint Energy sponsors the Good Neighbor Fuel Fund. This option is funded by donations from both employees, businesses and directly from customers, and all donations are matched by CenterPoint of Arkansas. The Good Neighbor Fuel Fund is a key part of the ways customers can get help with electric bills, and the program is fully integrated and coordinated with LIHEAP. It will in effect supplement LIHEAP grants and dollars, and it comes into play after the LIHEAP program has ended or when benefits are insufficient to meet the household's energy bill needs.

Lend a helping hand - This resource is aiding thousands of CenterPoint Energy customers every year, including families with young children, seniors, and customers with disabilities. These individuals receive financial help for paying utility bills. CenterPoint Energy of Arkansas gives the donations and other funds to local charities such as the the Salvation Army, American Red Cross, and the United Way, and then these various non-profits and charities fund programs that help people pay and manage their natural gas expenses and electric bills.

Call CenterPoint Energy at 1-800-992-7552 in order to get help.



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