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Get help with electric bills from DTE Energy

DTE provides customers with numerous options and assistance plans. Some are just for low income customers, and others are available for anyone who is behind on paying their utility bills and just need help.

Winter protection plan - This is a service that protects both low income customers and seniors from shutoff of their utility or gas service between November 1 and March 31 of each year.

Michigan State Emergency Relief program - This is for qualified low-income households, and they may receive help paying electric and energy bills year-round through this resource.

Home heating credit - This assistance program provides help for paying winter heating and utility bills. Eligible low to moderate customers may receive funds and financial assistance from the Michigan Department of Treasury to apply towards paying their heating bills.

DTE Shut Off Protection Plan - This is a plan that can help all residential customers in Michigan, regardless of their household income. The plan provides year-round protection from shut off of utility service. It is a monthly plan that spreads you utility over over 12 months.

Medical emergencies - If you are facing a medical emergency or illness, then you can prevent the shot off your utility service for a period of time of up to 21 days.





Michigan Heat and Warmth Fund  (THAW) - DTE customers who meet the established income guidelines, who have had their service shut off or are faced with a disconnection, and if the customer has exhausted all federal government and state of Michigan funding programs, then they may be eligible for help from this option.

Case management and counseling - Speak to a dedicated counselor to learn about various options, receive debt and credit counseling, and learn about government and financial assistance programs that provide electric and utility bill help.

Call DTE at 800.477.4747 to learn about these options, or other ways to get help.



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