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Work from home to make extra money to help pay utility bills

Many people work from their home to earn extra money to help pay bills, including utility bills. Part-time, straightforward work-from-home jobs are an easy, effective way to earn extra cash during your free time at home that can be used to help pay for bills. Below are several of the top work from home jobs.

Also, read how by taking online surveys and market research you can make up to one hundred dollars per month, if not more. After you sign up for the online survey companies listed below and under the “Find survey companies” link below, you really should go to their forums to see how real, everyday people are making very real cash and also find the FAQ guides for the companies. Also, feel free to email me at the “contact” at the bottom of this page and I will send you some tips and ways to make money with these companies. In addition to getting paid for trying a product or taking a survey, you can also get paid for simply shopping at certain online sites (for example you can get 5% cash back when you shop at Wal-Mart, or you can save 7% for shopping at Babies R Us). ABC News also wrote an article about those who have success with surveys. More.

Answering Service
Pay: $9.50 to $12.75 per hours
Job Description:
Answer any incoming calls from different offices, such as a doctors office or an apartment complexes. Many businesses need a “human touch” for after hour calls, so they hire people part time to answer those calls from their home after normal business hours. They expect the answering service to relay information per specific account protocol.

Pay: $11.90 to $17.50 per hour
Job Description:
You will need to handle client calendars and update appointments as needed.

Online Surveys, games, and shopping
A very simple, and effective way to earn up to a few hundred dollars per month. You just need to put in the time. Find survey companies.
Job Description: You can sign up for and take online marketing research surveys, or try products, from the comfort of your home. These online surveys are a tool used by many companies to help gather, analyze, and report on information that they need to help problem or provide knowledge on a specific item or service.


Medical Biller
$11.50 to $15.75
Job Description: Medical Billing and the numerous related occupations even today continue to be one of the fastest growing opportunities in health care and the overall economy. The government, insurance companies and other companies continue to spend more time, resources, and money both researching and trying to controlling claims’ fraud, medical necessity issues, and abusive practices. Because of this need for work, many companies are hiring, including insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, and other providers are hiring more.

Mystery Shoppers - Pay: Usually from $10 up to $75 per assignment
Job Description: You will need to “pretend” to be an actual retail shopper, and then visit retailers, restaurants, or other companies to mystery shop to ensure a high level of customer service is provided at the establishment. You may also review a companies website, or call a 1800 tool free line. Mystery shopping can include various activities. Continue.

These are just a few of the available and growing work from home opportunities that many people continue to do. The extra cash gained from this work can go a log way to helping pay your utility bills.



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