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Get help paying Nevada Energy utility bills

Several different organizations provide assistance to help pay bills. In addition, Nevada Energy itself also has some financial assistance programs for qualified low income customers, or people who are facing a hardship.

Weatherization - The service run by Nevada Power is known as Comfort Savings. This is a service that is offered for free to residential customers of the energy company, and the main goal is to help people save money of their monthly utility bills. It provides a large number of weatherization and energy conservation measures and improvements to the home, all at no cost to the customer. Get such free improvements as caulking, insulation, pipe and water tank insulation, and much more. All is offered at no cost to qualified families.

Energy Assistance Program (EAP) - Eligible Nevada Energy households are awarded cash grants and other forms of financial assistance once each program year. The assistance is based on the household's gross income and annual energy use, and is meant to pay a portion of utility bills.

Federal Government Weatherization - Another separate energy conservation option is administered by the Housing Division of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry (NHD). This service will help qualified low income and elderly Nevadans reduce their monthly utility and energy bills by helping them improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Also free for qualified individuals.






Project REACH, which is known as Relief through Energy Assistance to Prevent Customer Hardships, is a program that is administered by the United Way. It was created to help senior citizens and older adults who are medically sick or fragile, who are older than 62 years of age, or who are National or Reserve Guard members who meet certain income guidelines. Call some of these agencies to learn how to get help paying bills from this Nevada Energy program. East Valley Family Service 631-7098, HELP of Southern Nevada 369-4357, Las Vegas - Clark County Urban League 636-3949, Clark County Senior Advocate Program 455-7051.

Special Assistance Fund for Energy (SAFE) - This program, which is closely associated with NV Energy, is  program of last resort, sometimes called a gap-filling program. It was created with the goal of helping individuals and families who, through an unexpected emergency, household income limitations or other unusual circumstances, find themselves in a hardship or some type of unusual situation where they are having difficulty paying their monthly utility and energy bills. The program was created to help supplement state of Nevada as well as federal government low-income energy assistance programs (such as LIHEAP) which are the primary sources of energy bill assistance throughout Nevada Energy’s service territory.

Non-profits - Nevada Energy customers can also contact any of the non-profits below for information on financial assistance programs, conservation, or other services. Clark County Social Services (702) 455-31080, Salvation Army (702) 649-8240, HopeLink (702) 566-0576, Catholic Social Services (702) 383-0766.

Feel free to call Nevada Energy at (702) 402-5555 to get more information on these services, or other ways to get help paying monthly utility and energy bills.




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