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Help with utilities from Kansas Power and Light

There are several programs offered by Kansas Power and Light that can help customers pay their utility and electric bills.

Dollar-Aide is a program that is not offered by the utility company, but they fully support it. Dollar Aide has helped thousands of families and individuals across Kansas pay their utility, heating, cooling and water bills during an emergency situation or financially diffiult times. The assistance program is funded by both customer, local business and employee donations and KCP&L matches each dollar donated with a 50-cent energy credit which is placed on the customers utility bills. Call (816) 471-5275

Budget Billing - This is an option that gives the customer a fixed dollar amount on their utility bills each month, based on historial usage. So customers do not have the “spikes” up and down in their monthly utility bills. This helps customers budget their money, and really helps them pay their utility bills.

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program is also fully supported by Kansas Power and Light. While the program itself is a federal government funded assistance program that helps eligible households pay their utility bills and it not run by the utility company, they will encourage people to explore this option.

An option known as the Cold Weather Program helps customers in Kansas with delinquent accounts avoid the loss of their utility service or avoid a disconnection during the coldest winter months of the year.

Economic Relief Program will help customers with paying their utility bills, as it allows a credit of up to $50 per month on their bills, for a maximum of twelve consecutive months. The program and funding is limited, and it is targeted at only qualified customers in need of financial assistance or cash grants to pay their monthly electric bill.

Kansas Power and Light also fully supports the federal government weatherization program. This will help low income, elderly, and other qualified individuals save money on their monthly utility bills, as it will install free energy saving enhancements to their home.

Call Kansas Power & Light at (888) 471-5275 to get help with paying utility bills.




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