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CenterPoint Energy programs to help pay bills

Several programs and options are offered to CenterPoint Energy of Minnesota customers. If you are facing a hardship call the energy provider right away. Do not wait until you have received a disconnection notice. CenterPoint will do what they can to assist you. In addition to LIHEAP, five of the main other assistance programs are noted below.

Government and partner energy assistance programs

CenterPoint partners with a number of state, local, and federal government programs, such as LIHEAP, and they work closely with charities and not for profits. Cash grants and financial assistance may be available to help qualified low-income, elderly, and disabled households pay for home heating bill through federally funded and state government programs like the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), crisis assistance offered by counties, as well as the Salvation Army's HeatShare program. They work with these programs and agencies, and can refer you to the appropriate resource.

CenterPoint Payment arrangements

If you are behind on your bill, or ideally before you even fall behind, a customer may be eligible for a payment arrangement or negotiation on their past-due energy or gas bill. Speak to a customer service representative.

Minnesota Cold Weather Rule

This can help prevent a disconnection. Customers can learn about their rights and responsibilities under the Minnesota Cold Weather Rule, and how they can prevent a disconnection.

State of Minnesota law regarding active military personnel

If a household member is an active military member, then state of Minnesota law provides that a public utility such as CenterPoint can’t disconnect the utility or gas service of a residential customer if a household member or immediate family member is in active military duty. However note that you need to enter into a payment arrangement agreement with CenterPoint first.

Salvation Army HeatShare lend a helping hand program

The Salvation Army run HeatShare program is a voluntary non-governmental program of The Salvation Army, that is fully supported by CenterPoint. Grants and financial support is provided to customers by donations from utilities like CenterPoint Energy and their employees and customers, who voluntarily contribute to this assistance program through their monthly utility bills or by one-time donations sent to The Salvation Army. These monies are then provided to customers to help them pay utility and electric bills.

To learn more about these or other programs, call CenterPoint Energy of Minnesota at 1-800-245-2377.





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