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Mystery Shop To Make Money To Help Pay Bills

What Is Mystery Shopping?
Mystery shopping is really very straight forward. It can sometimes be called secret shopping, service checks, performance evaluations, or front-line evaluations. But what mystery shopping does is it allows many different types of companies to obtain a “snapshot in time” by trained consumers and people who review their stores and services, and know in advance what they are to evaluate. It provides management of stores or services the ability to quickly yet efficiently review their business practices, employees, and deliverables from the perspective of a non-biased consumer. Many mystery shoppers do it part time to make some extra money to help pay bills, including utility bills.

What Are Mystery Shopping Services
Mystery shoppers will visit, or sometime just call businesses posing “pretending” to be ordinary customers. they then need to provide detailed evaluations of their findings and experiences using questionnaires and/or written reports.

Mystery shopping can, and is used, in a wide variety of stores and industries such as restaurants, retail, financial institutions, gas stations, convenience stores, service providers, department stores, manufacturers, travel and entertainment, etc.

How Much Can I Earn?
You may start at between
$20 and $40 per assignment at a “higher end“ shop. A mystery shopper at a dinner restaurant maybe can make $20-$50 in free food or free drinks. While a standard retail assignments will usually pay less ($7 to $15), but a shopping job at a "purchase and return retail shop" can pay you up to $25 per job. You should know that fast food restaurants will usually pay you the least; maybe just free food and maybe a $5 fee. And like everything in life, the amount you can make will vary depending upon where you live, how important the job is to the retailer, the overall economy, and market demand.

You should be willing to accept last minute assignments, and you also should treat “bottom-of-the-barrel” shopping assignments just like top-of-the-line assignments. At first, you need to accept whatever you can get in the field. This will allow you to gain important experience and to help build a reputation with each company. Just take what you can to get started to make money that can help pay bills. The old saying of, “You will never get a second chance to make a first impression,” is true in this industry as well. You need to make sure you completely understand the instructions and requirements for a particular job, be impartial, and focus on accuracy.



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