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Help with bills from Washington Gas in Virginia.

If you live in Virginia and receive service from Washington Gas, then this energy provider has some programs that provide help for paying utility and heating bills. They include services such as the Washington Area Fuel Fund, grants from the Salvation Army, weatherization, and the Virginia funded LIHEAP program. Get more details on all resources below.

The Salvation Army in Virginia administers the Washington Area Fuel Fund. This program offers heating and utility bill assistance payments for elderly, low-income households, and the disabled who live in the Virginia and Washington DV area. It is only offered for customers who have no other options, and who have exhausted all other options, such as government assistance. Applicants also can’t be qualified for other assistance. This particular resource is funded by customer and company contributions from Washington Gas, and applications are accepted by Virginia locations of the Salvation Army.

The Washington Area Fuel Fund can pay for all different types of fuel and utility bills to people who are struggling. It supplements other federal government and state of Virginia assistance programs and is not meant to replace any other options. You may be qualified for this program regardless of your source of power, and funds can be used to pay natural gas, electric, wood, oil, kerosene, or any other type of utility bill.





Other conditions that need to be met in order to receive help include the following. Applicants need to be in an emergency situation and can’t qualify for help from anywhere else. Low income guidelines also need to be met. Other criteria include you need to be a Washington Gas electric, gas, or heating customer, and you need to have also received a warning of future disconnection or have actually received a termination notice. The Washington Area Fuel Fund will pay your utility bill if you qualify. Any money that is offered by Washington Gas needs to be used for the direct payment of heating and utility bills, or money can be used for energy conservation measures of repairs to HVAC units.

The Virginia Weatherization Assistance Program can offer free grants and funds to qualified individuals and families to help them pay for energy conservation measures. Money can also be used to pay for repairs and improvements to home cooling and heating systems. Money can also be used to pay for the costs of installing energy-saving measures in the home.

Other options include the Virginia Energy Assistance Program (VEAP). This service can provide federal funds to pay Washington Gas bill. Money and grants are are distributed to assist eligible customers in paying heating, utility and cooling bills. To apply for this dial the Virginia Department of Social Services Information and Referral Line at 1-800-230-6977.


Washington Gas can be reached at 703-750-1400 for information on these or other financial resources.


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