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SCANA Energy help for paying bills

The energy company offers a few different resources and programs for senior citizens, low income, and people who are struggling with paying their utility and heating bills. They include the SCANA Energy Regulated Division, discounts for senior citizens, and the HEAT program. Learn more about each of the resources below.

SCANA Energy H.E.A.T.

One of the main ways for people to get help is the "H.E.A.T." program (Heating Energy Assistance Team). This is run in partnership with SCANA Energy. HEAT is an Atlanta headquartered nonprofit organization which provides cash grants and emergency funding to help the low income, disabled, unemployed, and seniors with the cost of paying for their energy and heating bills. The program is administered by the various community action agencies across the state of Georgia. The program is funded by customer donations, whether from private individuals or local businesses.

The primary goal of the HEAT program is to help the less fortunate and low income pay for their monthly utility bills and avoid a disconnection of their services. As indicated, it is funded by customer donations so low income can benefit and keep their service on.

Energy Regulated Division of S.C.A.N.A

Georgia Public Service Commission (GPSC) has required SCANA to provide natural gas and heating service to both elderly and low-income consumers, as well as individuals and families whose credit histories prevent them from obtaining natural gas service from another marketer. So SCANA offers these income qualified customers with special discounted rates on their monthly utility and gas bills. If you call the number below, you will find how to apply for this program, lean about the benefits that are provided, and the amount of cash assistance that can be provided.

Senior discounts from SCANA Energy

Senior citizen customers, which is defined as those who are 65 years of age or older with an annual combined gross income per household of $12,000 or less, those senior customers are eligible for a $14.00 monthly discount on their AGL base charge.

In order to apply for help with paying utility and gas bills from Scana Energy, dial 1-877-467-2262.





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