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Get help with utilities from Omaha Public Power District

The two primary services offered by Omaha Public Power District include the Energy Assistance Program (EAP) as well as LIHEAP, or the low income home energy assistance program.

LIHEAP, which is funded by the federal government, can provide help to Nebraska families. Much of the state’s LIHEAP money goes to helping low income and elderly homeowners with paying their winter heating bills and summer air conditioning expenses  In addition to offering regular energy bill assistance, money from LIHEAP is used for crisis assistance (to prevent a shut off) as well as home weatherization services.

In order to be qualified for LIHEAP assistance in Nebraska, Omaha Public Power District families and must have limited incomes and resources that are available to them. The amount of the the cash grant paid out to clients will be determined by the family’s income and number of people that live in the household. For this upcoming fiscal year, applying Nebraska households that have income levels of 125 percent of the federal government poverty level qualify for LIHEAP. All funds are paid directly to your utility provider and the money does not go directly the family.

The type of fuel program as well as the exact type and amount of fuel a household uses also helps determine the benefit amount. As just some examples, the minimum payment for a house fueled by gas and electricity is $290; propane, $504l; fuel oil, $483; and wood, $395.

Omaha Public Power District Energy Assistance Program was created in the mid 1980s. The intent was to help families who are struggling and who do not have many resources, with the objective of helping address energy related expenses. Such emergency expenses might include emergency equipment repairs for heating equipment and higher-than-normal summer cooling bills. The program is administered for Omaha Public Power by the American Red Cross Heartland Chapter in Nebraska, which accepts applications, screens candidates and distributes the funds to those who need help.

Customer donations, charity donations and local businesses all contribute to energy assistance from OPPD. All donations are tax deductible, and funds will go towards helping people across the state pay utility bills. For information about applying for financial assistance for paying utility bills, please call the Red Cross at 402-343-7755 or you can dial toll free 1-888-890-9569.





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