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Help with paying bills from Northshore Gas

Customers of Northshore Gas in Illinois have several low income programs and resources available to them. Families can get help with paying utility bills from payment plans, the government LIHEAP program, and state of Illinois and Chicago programs.

Payment plans are available from Northshore Gas. You should call them as early as possible, and ideally before you even fall behind on your gas bills. The first component is known as the Short-Term Payment Plan. This will allow customers to pay some of their outstanding and unpaid bills over time. However they need to continue to pay their current utility bill. There are some conditions that need to be met, and a customer service representative can review all options with you.

The Minimum Payment Option is another plan. If you can’t qualify for the short term plan above, then the minimum payment may still be offered. This is for people who are faced with a disconnection. If you receive a disconnect notice Northshore Gas, then you can automatically enroll in the Minimum Payment and the instructions will be on your monthly bill.




Northshore Gas Share the Warmth is run by Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County (CEDA). It is a donation program, and it can offer heating grants and assistance to limited and fixed-income households, in particular seniors and the disabled. Apply for cash grants of up to $200 for paying your monthly gas bills.

The Good Samaritan Initiative is available in the Chicago Illinois region as well, and qualified participants can get their utility and/or gas service restored by paying $250 of their remaining balance or 20%. To qualify, Northshore Gas customers must have account balances too high to be covered by the federal government Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services runs the program.

The payment plan, when combined with the Illinois Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP), can be a powerful combination. If you pay your Northshore Gas bill, you will receive a credit towards an unpaid balance on older bills. This will only occur if your payments are made on time.

Northshore Gas customers can apply for the federal government Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This provides cash grants and financial assistance to help customers on limited incomes pay their monthly energy bills, and also pay bills in a crisis. Money can  be used to reconnect your service, or cash grants can be made directly to Northshore Gas in Illinois.

Senior Citizen Upkeep and Repair Services Program can help the elderly. Some energy improvements can be made, such as repairing or maintaining weather stripping and caulking, replacing light fixtures, and plumbing.

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