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Financial help from Entergy in Mississippi

Entergy operates in many states, including Mississippi. The exact number and type of resources they offer low income and struggling customers will vary based upon the state, but in general individuals in Mississippi can access the following services. Get details on how to get help with utilities, and the phone number to dial to apply.

Entergy of Mississippi Power to Care - This is a special fund created from donations that provides emergency help for paying utility bills for local elderly and disabled customers. The Salvation Army and other Entergy partners who participate in this assistance program will oversee the use of the money from the fund to help pay the electric bills of qualifying low income elderly and disabled customers.

Energy Concern - This program can assist the disabled as well as low income in the community. Customer donations fund the program, and contributions are matched by Entergy of Mississippi.

Free fans from the Entergy Beat The Heat program - This program runs each and every year, and it provides free fans to needy families across their service territory. The energy company partners with local charities and non-profits, such as community action agencies in Mississippi, to provide fans to those who need them most.




Helping Hands - This is the official weatherization program. It can provide weather-stripping, help homeowners and renters with replacing old windows and doors, offer caulking, and plugging up drafts. Entergy Mississippi runs the program and offers it for free, as they will purchase all the necessary materials and conducts training for volunteer organizations (such as community action agencies) that provide the labor and do the work. Participants can save hundreds of dollars per year on their utility bills from weatherization.

Conservation - Entergy has various tips and programs that can help people save energy and therefore money on their utility bills. Get an extensive listing of free tips and resources. Learn more.

Of course the federal government LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) is fully supported. LIHEAP is a federal government funded program that provides money and cash grants to help Entergy customers individuals with paying utility bills and other energy-related expenses. Your local community action agency in Mississippi will run this program too.

Call Entergy of Mississippi at 1-800-368-3749 to apply for financial help with paying energy bills.



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