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Help with utility and energy bills from Duke Energy

The Duke Energy Share the Warmth (STW) assistance program is one resource that provides financial assistance and cash grants to qualified individuals. The program provides help for utility and heating bills that are incurred during the winter season for low income and other qualified families within the Duke Energy service territory in the state of North Carolina. Over the last 20 years almost $30 million has been provided to provide help with bills.

Another option for those in need is the Duke Energy Cooling Assistance Program. As everyone knows, the summer heat in North Carolina can present serious challenges, both financially and medical, for many people, especially those with low income, health problems and those taking certain medications and that have medical conditions. The Duke Cooling Assistance Program will assist the elderly, handicapped, and/or other low income families with energy and utility bills that are associated with the extreme summer temperatures. Both Duke Energy and The Duke Energy Foundation fund the Cooling Assistance Program.

If you are interested in either one of these programs, or would like to apply, over 80 different agencies within the North Carolina Duke Energy service territory in the Carolinas assist in the distribution of the funds. Your best option is to call your Salvation Army, United Way, or Duke Energy themselves and refer to these programs.





Duke Energy Fan-Heat Relief Program targeted towards senior citizens who are struggling with paying utility bills. The summer heat and humidity is a serious health concern for many of our elderly and senior citizens, especially those with medical conditions or those taking certain medications. The Duke Energy Fan-Heat Relief Program is a way for the elderly as well as senior citizens to have some form of cooling, from a fan, in their residences during the summer months.

Throughout the state of North Carolina, the Duke Energy Fan-Heat Relief Program is administered by the N.C. Department of Human Resources, Division of Aging. Contact this organization to learn more. In addition, the Duke Energy Foundation contributes $40,000 annually towards the program. The funds are designated for the purchase of fans for senior citizens and elderly in the community.




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