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Dominion Virginia Power programs that help pay bills

Dominion Virginia Power provides customers access to a few different programs that can help them pay their utility and gas bills. Some programs focus on conserving energy, while a couple may offer grants for paying bills. Programs include:

Dominion Virginia Power EnergyShare - This utility program will help pay for any type of utility and/or heating bill. It doesn’t matter whether the customer uses gas, oil, wood, fuel oil, kerosene, natural gas or electricity. All may qualify for help. However, this program is Dominion's Virginia Power so call utility or fuel assistance program of last resort for any customers who faces financial hardships from unemployment or family crisis. So it will only provide help if all other forms of assistance, including government programs, have been exhausted.

The assistance program provides customers with a one-time cash grant/ payment of last resort for those families and individuals who have exhausted other forms of financial assistance or cash grants, and who do not otherwise qualify for such financial help.

State Assistance Programs:

Virginia Natural Gas works closely with the state to provide utility help to customers. Some of the services and resources offered would include.

  • Emergency Crisis Assistance - This is a service that helps households and families in paying for heating emergency situations. It may provide help by offering primary heat security deposits, funds for paying utility heating bills, primary heating fuel, repair/replacement of heating equipment such as air conditioner units or emergency shelter.
  • Fuel Assistance - This is a service that helps eligible households with the cost of paying for heating their homes.
  • Weatherization - Save money on your utility bills from this program. Receive insulation, caulking, and other forms of energy conserving updates.
  • Cooling Bill Assistance - This program helps with paying for and providing cooling equipment purchases or repairs. Funds may also help with paying the electric bill.

Smart Cooling Rewards - Customers can receive up to $40 per year from the utility company. All they need to do is to agree to have installed, for free, a switch that will help your air conditioner use energy more efficiently.

Free fans - The utility company participates in a service that provides free fans to low income elderly customers.


Call Dominion Virginia Power at 1-888-366-8280 to get help from these or other options.


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