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Help with bills from Black Hills Energy in Colorado.

The energy company, formerly known as Aquila, provides the low income, elderly, and struggling customers with financial help. Resources provided include weatherization, the Cares Energy Assistance Program, LIHEAP, and they also support customers with medical conditions or emergencies. Learn more about each service below.

Black Hills Energy fully supports the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This resource is funded by the federal government and run at the state of Colorado level. The program can help the low income, seniors, and disabled households meet their immediate home energy needs and pay their utility and heating bills. For information on applying for LIHEAP assistance, contact your local community action agency, or call Black Hills for referrals.

Energy Assistance Program - This program can help qualified people with paying their utility or energy bills or paying for other emergency energy-related expenses, such as a furnace repair or replacement, tune ups, and more. This is funded by donations, and Black Hills Energy matches customer and employee contributions, dollar-for-dollar, so that the highest number of people can receive funds.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, or interested in applying for help, funds from Black Hills Cares funds go directly to local charities and assistance agencies in your immediate area of Colorado. These local assistance agencies determine individual customer eligibility and distribute funds and cash grants to the needy in the area.





Black Hills energy-efficiency programs - This can include various ways to reduce your monthly energy bills. It can include rebates, low-income weatherization programs, and energy audits as another means of helping customers manage energy costs and lower their utility bills.

Energy Outreach Colorado - This is offered across Colorado, and provides help to thousands of individuals every year. Get help preventing a disconnection and for paying for gas, heating, and utility bills.

Medically Essential Service Program - If you or a family members has a medical condition or emergency, this program offers qualifying customers help in the following ways. It can offer qualified individuals referrals to social service agencies that provide financial assistance. Black Hills Energy in Colorado can provide customers with a limited extension of time to pay their bills and may also offer special notification prior to disconnection of service for nonpayment, so customers faced with a medical condition can secure funds or make necessary arrangements to pay their bills.




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