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Help with utilities and heating bills from National Fuel Gas

If you are currently behind on paying your utility bills and need help, or if you think you may soon fall behind, call National Fuel Gas as soon as possible. They have experienced customer service representatives who can review your account and financial situation, and they are able to work with you and help you find a payment plan or an assistance program, whether offered by the federal government or New York state, to help you

Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund - This is a program that offers customers the generosity of their good neighbors, including private donations and businesses. National Fuel Gas Company also contributes to the fund. Over the years the Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund has helped to heat the homes of thousands of needy families across the area of Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania as well. Millions of dollars in .grant money has been provided to help paying home heating and utility bills, and the funds are offered for individuals and families who need aid.

The Neighbor for Neighbor fund provides grants and cash assistance that help people to:

  • help them pay current or past due energy and utility bills.
  • prevent disconnection of their heating and utility service.
  • purchase home heating fuel and natural gas of any kind.

There are various ways to apply for help. If you live in New York state, to apply for the Neighbor for Neighbor Heat Fund, contact The Salvation Army at 716-883-9800, extension 230, Catholic Charities at 716-856-4494, or call the Chautauqua Office For the Aging at 716-753-4471. Or if you are under  the age of 60 in the area dial (716) 896-6388. This number will help you find the nearest agency or non-profit and will help you determine the necessary documentation to bring to the application interview and to help with the process.





A key is to not delay, as grants and funds are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served  basis to people in need of help. Grant amounts are determined by need. And, another huge benefit to the program is that as long as you live in National Fuels service territory, you may qualify for assistance, even if you are not a National Fuel customer!

Other options available include programs that are funded by the federal government. For example, HEAP and LIHEAP are federal government funded programs that provide assistance to eligible  customers to pay their home utility, cooling and also heating bills. During the program year in which people can apply for help, customer service representatives can help people obtain an application and also tell customers about current eligibility requirements for the program.

You can also call National Fuel Gas at 1-800-365-3234.


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