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Good Neighbor Fund donation program from Public Service Company

Low income customers of New Mexico based Public Service Company can get help paying their utility bills from November to March of each year. The primary resource available is the Good Neighbor Fund, which depends on donations and contributions from people and businesses in the community. Any type of financial help is only available as funding and donations allow.

Help is only offered for people who are facing a crisis or extreme financial hardship. The Good Neighbor Fund is not a long term, government subsidy but rather a crisis program. Hundreds of low income PNM customers will generally receive assistance from it every year. Money will usually be offered for paying a portion of your utility bill and not the entire amount.

As indicated, the Good Neighbor Fund relies on donations from people in the community. A number of sources are used to fund it. Money is raised from shareholders, PNM customers, and even employees from the energy company. All of this, and more, make the PNM Good Neighbor Fund possible. The donations are received by the Salvation Army as well as the Public Service Company. However applications and funding is disbursed by your local Salvation Army center. Families from the community will need to qualify to receive help.

Contributions can be made by notifying Public Service Company and adding additional payments to your bill. Anything you donate is tax deductible. There is a stringent application process so you can know that your hard earned money is going to a good cause.






If you are interested in applying for help, there are several conditions that need to be met. All applicants must be facing some form of unexpected and unplanned for financial hardship. This can be due to a  unforeseen drop in income or some type of recent emergency. It is a program of last resort as well. For example, all applicants must have applied for help from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) first and explored other resources as well. Any type of help for your utility bills is only offered during the winter and spring months. Call 1-888-342-5766 for more information or to apply, or stop by a Salvation Army center.

The Good Neighbor Fund is helping a record number of people. It began over 30 years ago and is for low income Public Service Company of New Mexico customers. Seniors and families with children may also benefit. Any type of money paid out is from donations of other customers or local businesses. If you can afford to contribute or give back to the community, please do so. Your money will be put to good use.



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