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AmerenUE offers help for electric and utility bills

AmerenUE offers customers in its service area several options to get help with their energy bills. The utility realizes that from time to time people may have some type of emergency or financial hardship, and they do what they can to support these customers.

Dollar More - This is a program that is funded by both donations from customers as well as local utilities. The money donated goes to help people in the community pay their utility, gas, and electric bills. An family that applies for help and is found to be eligible may receive up to $600 per calendar year in assistance for paying their utility bills. Contact the United Way in your county to apply for help.

AmerenUE fully supports the Missouri Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This program offers low income and other qualified customers with two main components. The Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP) (which deals with emergencies) and the Energy Assistance/Regular Heating (EA) which deals with regular monthly bills.

Energy Plus Grants Program - These are grants that are used to improve the weather-worthiness of the homes of low-income, elderly, or handicapped residents in the area.

They do offer other programs and services as well. Other options for low income and struggling customers include weatherization assistance and energy plus.

Contact AmerenUE at 800.552.7583 to learn how they can help you pay your utility bills, and ways that they can help you reduce your amount of usage, and therefore save on your bills.





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