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Help with utility bills from Questar

Find information on the various resources that Questar offers that can help people pay their monthly gas and utility bills, as well contact information for Questar.

Utah Questar Reach - Contributions from customers, businesses, employees of Questar and other private donations fund this energy assistance program. The program can help low to moderate income and other  qualified individuals and families pay their utility bills. There are certain condition, including applicants must currently be at least 65 years old and/or disabled or handicapped. The program runs year round, but does have limited funding. It is more considered a program of last resort, in that customers of Questar must have applied for other forms of financial assistance first through the state's H.E.A.T. program before applying for REACH. Call the Red Cross, as they currently distribute funds for the program.

Catholic Outreach - Questar partners with and refers customers to this assistance program. It may be able to help qualified low to moderate income individuals and families pay their monthly utility and energy bills. Utilities must be on and they can’t currently be disconnected, and the customer must have applied for the federal government funded HEAT program first, during the HEAT season. As with most programs, funding is limited and customers may schedule an appointment by calling 801-977-9119 to get help.

H.E.A.T. - This is a federal government funded assistance program and it helps qualified low-income families and individuals pay their monthly utility bills. The financial assistance program runs November through March or until funds from the program are exhausted. Customers may receive an application for the federal government funded HEAT program from any Department of Human Services or a designated energy office in their town or city.

Weatherization - Another federal government funded program, WEATHERIZATION may be able to help qualified low to moderate income individuals and families make their homes more energy efficient, and help them save money on their energy bills. The Weatherization Assistance program is a federally funded program that was both created and is currently administered by the Utah Department of Community and Economic Development. It targets the low income, elderly, and disabled.

Low income and struggling customers can call Questar Gas at 800-323-5517 to learn how they can help you pay your energy bills, and also save money on utilities.





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