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Help from El Paso Electric

Customers of El Paso electric have several resources available to them that can help pay utility bills.

El Paso Payment Arrangement Plan

The first thing you should do is call El Paso Electric. They offer services and programs such as a Payment Arrangement Plan, which is in effect an agreement designed to provide customers with short term, temporary assistance with paying their utility bill during a financial crisis. With this negotiated payment arrange plan, the customers service will not be disconnected or shut off if they pay their current utility bill when it’s due and also pay the outstanding utility bill arrearage in installments until it is paid in full. Full payment on the customers utility bill is usually required within three months from the date that the plan commences.

State of Texas Project Care

A statewide program known as Project Care is an utility bill relief program that was created to help Texas families with paying their utility bills and addressing financial emergencies. Funding for this particular program is obtained through donations from local businesses, customers and charities that are then matched by El Paso Electric.





Low-Income Rider

Under the El Paso Electric Low-Income Rider program, qualified residential customers who are currently receiving a Texas Lone Star Card or having a total annual household income at or below 125% of the federal government poverty level are not charged the $4.50 monthly fee that is a customer charge on a regular monthly bill. While the amount of savings is limited, reducing utility bills even by a small dollar amount can help many families across Texas.

To learn more or apply for this offering, or to find other programs that can help paying utility bills, call El Paso electric at 1-800-351-1621.



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