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Georgia programs to help with electric and utility bills.

Find help with paying bills in all areas of Georgia, including Atlanta and Savannah.

The Georgia natural gas program, which is regulated and provided by SCANA Energy and is partially funded by Georgia’s universal service fund, will provide help with electric and utility bills by providing low cost or free natural gas service to lower income households. Consumers who are unable to find or maintain natural gas service from another provider are also eligible for aid.

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Georgia households that meet the low income requirements established by the Georgia Department of Human Resources will qualify for a help in the form of special rates, a reduced security deposit, and a lower customer service fee.

Additional Help for Low-Income Customers
Since 1990, the Georgia Public Utility Commission (PUC) has mandated that major electric and gas utilities waive their monthly service fees and charges for all customers over age 65, who earn less than $12,000 per year, and who also own their homes.

Project SHARE
A statewide assistance program that is funded by electric utility customers who donate through their monthly electric bills to help those in need. Find more help from Project SHARE.

Atlanta Gas Light
Residents that are 65 years of age or older, and that have a limited income, are eligible for a $10.50 monthly discount on their base utility charge.






Atlanta Gas Light also has the Home and Heartwarming Program. This assistance program provides weatherization services as well as natural gas equipment repair (or replacement) to qualified lower income and senior households in Georgia that are on the Atlanta Gas Light system. get information on additional Atlanta Gas Light assistance programs. Read more.

Georgia Public Service Commission
The Commission is urging consumers to look into the various programs that are available to residents to reduce their utility bills, and to get help paying energy bills. There are budget billing plans, low income assistance and more. Click here.

Atlanta Gas Light, Carroll Electric Membership Corporation, Georgia Natural Gas, Georgia Power, SCANA Energy : These utility companies offer programs for those who are 60 or older. The programs offered will a monthly fee on their accounts and/or provide a monthly, reduced rate for their utility bills.

Georgia Natural Gas and Georgia Power
Customers over 65 years of age, that meet the income guidelines, are able to get assistance with electric and utility bills. They are eligible for a discount of up to $25 per month to help with paying bills. Find additional ways to get help from Georgia Natural Gas.

The Heating Energy Assistance Team (HEAT)
The HEAT utility and heating bill assistance program is administered by the Georgia Department of Human Resources statewide using various Community Action Agencies. Read more on Georgia HEAT program.

SCANA Energy
Utility customers who are 65 years of age or older, and that have a lower total household income, may be eligible for a $14.00 per month discount on their AGL base charge. Read more.

Gas South - They offer various programs for seniors and low income customers. The energy company also partners with local non-profit and government organizations. Read more on Gas South programs for paying bills.


Find additional aid programs and assistance in Georgia, including information about weatherization assistance programs.





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