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Georgia HEAT program

Community action agencies partner with the Georgia Department of Human Resources to offer the Heating Energy Assistance Team (HEAT) utility program. This financial assistance program can help qualified low income residents pay their utility and heating bills.

The service is funded by the generous donation from state residents. Contributions from energy companies across Georgia, private individuals, corporations and organizations all contribute funds to HEAT. Donations are tax deductible, and the program is always looking for more funds. Any money contributed will go directly towards helping people across the state pay their electric and energy bills. You never know, some of those who are helped may be your friends or neighbors. You can make tax deductible donations to the Georgia H.E.A.T. program through your utility bill or some people or companies make direct donations.

All forms of energy can be paid for. The H.E.A.T. fund is a non-profit profit organization that provides energy bill assistance statewide to Georgians in need of help regardless of the type of energy used, including wood, natural gas, propane bills, electricity, oil, coal, or other expenses.

Over the last few hours, a few thousands families across the state have received help. The Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) works with community action agencies, which are located in all counties across the state. All funds are distributed to qualified low income families. If you need help, and are low income and have been faced with an emergency, you can apply for financial assistance and grants at the agency that serves your county.

Financial assistance is usually provided from HEAT to people who are faced with an emergency or a short term hardship. Qualified lower income households must meet various guidelines including income and self-sufficiency. The type of people who receive help will vary widely. For example, recipients of emergency utility funds could be a family whose primary earner lives on a fixed income. the person could have just been let go from a job, a widow, or someone who had a short term reduction in hours and income. Funds are really provided to people who are faced with a hardship that is not of their doing.

If you are not familiar with your local community action agency or know where one is located, then feel free to call the Georgia DHS referral and information line at 1-800-869-1150 to find out the phone number and the agency that serves your immediate area.

If after apply, if you are found to be qualified, then the check will be sent directly to your utility company. Funds are not sent to the applicant. The check is sent to the utility company and applied toward the applicant's account.

To learn more or apply, please call 678-406-0212 to learn more and get help with heating and utility bills from non-profit H.E.A.T. funds.





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