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Fort Collins Utilities fund

Donate to the Fort Collins Utilities fund in order to help the less fortunate in the community. The money you contribute could go to help your neighbors, senior citizens, or families facing an unexpected expense (such as a medical bill) pay their utility bills. People now have the ability to help their fellow Fort Collins Colorado community members meet their monthly commitments.

Mostly due to the weak economy, more residents than ever are struggling. Hundreds of people need help paying their bills due to circumstances beyond their control. The Fort Collins Utilities' Fund is one place to turn to. Unfortunately the demand for help is so high that the utility company can't keep up on its own.

Your contribution counts and will make a difference. The fund has helped thousands of residents over the years, however the number of people in need of assistance increases each year. To give an example of how it matters, your donation will go to paying expenses of those who are struggling and not administrative costs. You can give as little or as much as you would like, even a dollar or two per month. As another example, contributing just $12.50/month or a one-time donation of $150/year will help a Fort Collins Colorado family avoid having their utilities disconnected.

Donations help meet the increased need of people from the community. By offering a one-time donation or a set monthly amount (no matter how much it is), your financial support will help keep the lights, heat, or even water on for those who are faced with a crisis. Once again, your contribution, regardless of the amount donated, is greatly appreciated. In addition, your contribution to Fort Collins Utilities may be tax deductible on your return.






To contribute to the Fort Collins Utilities' Fund or to donate money, you can call the energy company or stop by the office at 117 N. Mason St.. You can donate by mail, online, or over the phone.

If you are requesting help, note that you can only do this at most once per year. Fort Collin's Utility customers also need to have a shut-off notice. If they meet this qualification then they can get payment assistance once during a 12-month period. Another place to apply for help is by calling Catholic Charities at 970.484.5010 to schedule an appointment with a specialist. During the course of this application process an intake worker will interview you and contact Fort Collins Utilities for the current status on your account. If it is discovered that you qualify and if funding is available, a credit will be placed on your utility and/or water account. Both English and Spanish are spoken and you can apply in either case.

If you can donate, then forms can be mailed to Fort Collins Utilities, Payment Assistance Fund, P.O. Box 580, Fort Collins, CO 80522-0580. This program is a very effective way to give back to the community. The program is for an emergency and not an ongoing charity or government subsidy type program. Customers are invited to help other Fort Collins residents pay their utility bills through the Fort Collins Utilities’ Fund.


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