Help Paying Utilities




Help save on utility bills with Utah weatherization programs.

The federal government is providing millions of dollar to Utah to fund increases in the weatherization program. Thousands of Utah homes will be able to save money on their energy bills over the next three years as almost 440 million in federal stimulus funds are spent on weatherization projects throughout the state of Utah.

The funds and weatherization programs are managed by charities and other organizations throughout the state. For example, the Salt Lake Community Action Program ((801) 359-2444) will receive about $10 million to help families save money by making homes more energy efficient, conserve electricity, and cut costs for fuel, including heating fuel.

New jobs will also result from this aid. The nonprofit Community Action Group says that 35 new staffers have been hired, including various crews and energy auditors to install insulation, replace windows, and make other energy-saving improvements to homes.

For one real life example of how this programs can help, look no further than Julie Christensen's house. In her home twenty-eight energy efficient light bulbs have been installed, as well as a new energy saving water heater and furnace. This improvements were made for free! They will now save her hundreds of dollars per year on her utility bills.

The weatherization program will lead to windows being replaced; caulking done, insulation installed, and more. In total, this series of changes and improvements have led homeowners' utility and gas bills to be cut in half in many cases. Contact your local community action group for more info.






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