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Duquesne Light financial resources and help with bills

For those facing a hardship there are programs offered by Duquesne Light. While first priority is usually provided to the elderly and disabled, other low income customers may also be able to qualify for help paying utilities.

CARES, which is formally known as Customer Assistance and Referral Evaluation Service, was created to help people who are facing some form of hardship. Many financial hardships, such as loss or reduction of household income due to an unexpected injury, death of primary wage earner, or illness can strike anyone at anytime. And when it does, usually those individuals could use a little help to stay on track with paying their utility and light bills. The number one goal of Duquesne Light’s CARES program is to help those who are faced with a hardship and considered as payment-challenged customers and special needs customers to obtain necessary short term support, such as access to social services support and financial assistance.

Duquesne fully supports the state of Pennsylvania’s Dollar Energy Fund. This service has been operating for almost 30 years, and can help those with limited or fixed incomes to pay their utilities and avoid a disconnection. The fund was created by a statewide charity organization, and can help pay utilities that are no longer manageable. Grants and funds can help prevent termination of electric service, and even help turn the service back on if it has already been disconnected. In addition, Duquesne Light partners with Dollar Energy in order to help customers understand and access community resources and government programs to help them solve their light, heat, general utility and water payment problems.

Duquesne Light Customer Assistance Program is another option. This resource can provide low income customers several forms of assistance, including protection against loss of electric service, arrearage forgiveness over a specified period of time, reduced monthly payments based on ability to pay utility bills, and information about reducing your electric usage.

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