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Kansas City Power and Light provides utility bill help

Numerous resources can help people pay their Kansas City Power and Light utility bills. Learn how to get help for these bills. Call 1 (888) 471-5275 to apply for help.

1) Dollar-Aide was created from both private donations, and funds are matched by Kansas City Power and Light. This particular service has helped thousands of families and individuals across the service area pay their monthly utility, heating, electric, cooling and water bills when someone is faced with an emergency or hardship. The assistance program is funded by both employee and customer donations, and funds are paid out by Kansas Power and other local charities.

2) Economic Relief Program is a service that is run by the local Salvation Army. The so called ERP program allows a credit on a customers utility bill of up to $50 per month, for a maximum of twelve consecutive months or payments, for qualified Kansas City Power and Light customers in need of financial assistance to pay their electric bill.

3) Disconnections are prevented from the Cold Weather Rule Program. While it is a state law, it is supported by K.C.P.&L's, and the statewide Cold Weather Rule helps customers with unpaid heating and utility bills, and delinquent accounts avoid loss of service during the coldest months of the year. The program begins on November 1st of each and every year and remains in effect through March 31, each year. During this time someone’s service can’t be turned off.





4) Weatherization is a free energy conserving service is available to both renters and homeowners whose income qualifies as low income and/or poverty level. To qualify for the weatherization program, you must have household earnings at or below the current income guidelines which are established by the federal government, the applicant needs to have had household energy consumption of more than 3,000 kWh per year, and they also must have received service from KCP & L or previously with Aquila for at least one year. The federal government funded weatherization program is managed for Kansas City Power and Light customers in need of financial assistance to pay their electric bill by your local county community action agencies, and provides services include caulking and weather stripping, insulation, heating system repairs, and much more.

5) Better manage when you pay your utility bill from the Adjustable Due Date service, which is a program that allows customers relying on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security to schedule payment due dates on their energy bills to better correspond with the receipt of benefits.

6) Medical Customer Program is for customers who are faced with a medical hardship or have a medical condition. The program is for people whom depend on electrically operated life-support equipment.

7) The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) - This is another federally funded utility program that helps eligible households pay their monthly energy bills and avoid a disconnection.



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